Overview of the Resmo platform and how to get help

What is Resmo?

Resmo is a specialized SaaS security solution designed for contemporary IT teams. It adeptly identifies any unauthorized SaaS applications that employees may register and use with their business credentials without IT department knowledge, while also pinpointing security vulnerabilities within these applications and helping employees remediate them.

Key Features:

  • SaaS Discovery: Monitor and showcase any SaaS apps accessed with business credentials with/without IT approval.

  • Thorough Security Scans: Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security threats across all company-used SaaS applications.

  • Remediation through ChatOps: Allow employees to fix identified issues directly through ChatOps, streamlining the resolution process.

How It Works

Resmo stands out from comparable solutions by utilizing a diverse range of discovery methods to detect SaaS applications within an organization, ensuring no security loopholes are overlooked. Its operation hinges on data procured through browser extensions, native integrations, Google Workspace, and Azure AD.

Why Resmo Exists

The exponential growth in the use of SaaS tools has made managing and securing IT assets more complex. Every new application adopted by employees can potentially increase the technical debt and associated vulnerabilities. Traditional manual checks often fall short in such dynamic environments. Resmo was developed to address these challenges, providing IT teams with comprehensive visibility into changes, vulnerabilities, access, and permissions in SaaS tools.

Using This Documentation

Navigate through this documentation to understand how to set up, configure, and optimize Resmo for your organization. Ensure your SaaS environment remains secure and efficient by leveraging Resmo's full capabilities.

Thank you for choosing Resmo. We're here to support your SaaS security needs.

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