Overview of the Resmo platform and where to get help

What is Resmo?

Resmo is a continuous Cloud and SaaS asset (resource configuration) visibility, security, and compliance solution for modern software teams to help DevOps and SecOps teams to stay informed on changes made in their modern stack. As a modern DevSecOps solution, Resmo offers flexible ways to audit, debug, and get alerted on any resource configuration change in near real-time.
Resmo was born out of a need. Companies are moving to the Cloud rapidly and building their entire operations on Cloud providers and SaaS tools. Their modern stack gets complex and crowded quickly. Account and asset creations are automated. Each user gets her own account on the cloud. Every user, every repository, every bucket, every resource/asset quickly accumulates technical debt and becomes a source of vulnerabilities. In these complex environments, static checks can’t catch all the required threads in time. Teams responsible for security and compliance have a hard time getting visibility into changes made in Cloud and SaaS tools across the company. At Resmo, we help modern teams solve these challenges.

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