Notification Rules
Receive timely notifications about security and compliance violations.
Notification rules are a set of rules that notify you based on custom criteria when there is a rule breach. Resmo sends out these notifications to your selected notification channels.
Mind that you won't get notified of a regular rule breach; only notification rules send alerts so that you avoid alert fatigue.

Notification rules have four critical elements:
Tags: Tags help you filter your rules. (Optional)
Severities: There are four levels of severity. Select the ones that require your attention in order to receive only the alerts that matter.
Integrations: A notification rule requires at least one integration to operate.
Notification Channels: Your rule notifications will be sent to the channels of your choice, including Slack, webhook, email, and Opsgenie.

  1. 1.
    Navigate to Settings>Notification Rules.
2. Click on the Add Notification Rule button.
3. Give a descriptive name to your rule.
4. Fill in the filter data (tags, severities, integrations) to find your rule easier later.
5. Select notification channel(s) to receive alerts when there is a rule violation. (Also see the Notifications documentation.)
6. Hit the Create button and your notification rule is all set. You can find it on your Notification Rules page.

  • Open the notification rule you wish to disable or delete.
  • Hit the Disable button to temporarily pause it or click Delete to permanently remove it.

If you have any questions about notification rules, feel free to contact us via live chat on our website or email us at [email protected]
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