Query Types
View and debug resources and its changes using SQL.
Resmo resources and resource changes can be queried using SQL (Learn more Standard SQL Queries). Queries are fundamental constructs used in multiple places. They help:
  • Get visibility into resources and their changes
  • Group and get insights from different tools
  • See aggregate information with grouping
  • Run analysis in Rules ( Rules)

Users can run free from queries on the search page.
Rules also contain queries, either free form or saved queries.
A sample query that would list name, AWS region and account id information for not encrypted SQS queues.
List not encrypted Amazon SQS queues
SELECT name, region, accountId FROM aws_sqs_queue WHERE kmsMasterKeyId IS NULL

Saved Queries are accessible via the Queries page and can be referenced in Rules.

These are queries managed by our team. Once you sign up and integrate Resmo with your tools, you can immediately run these queries against your resources and gain insights.

Customers can save their own queries and access them from a simple UI.

Resmo keeps track of every executed query. Users can reach their query history for easy access from the search page.
They can only see their own query execution history while admins can see all executed queries.
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