SaaS Security Guide for Employees


Resmo keeps your work online safe. It checks the apps you use for work to make sure they're secure and used correctly. Resmo works quietly in the background and only lets you know when something needs your attention.

What Resmo Does

  • Finds weak or reused passwords in work apps.

  • Checks if work apps are set up safely.

  • Tells you if you need extra security, like multi-factor authentication (MFA), on your work accounts.

How You'll Know:

If there's a security tip or action needed, Resmo will send you a clear message through tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or e-mail.

How Does it Work?

Resmo looks at how you and others in your company use work apps. It uses browser extension and connects with work systems like Azure Active Directory or Google Workspace to:

  • See which work apps everyone is using.

  • Check if passwords in these apps are strong.

  • Alert if someone has too much access to information.

  • Help the team fix security issues quickly.

Don't Worry About Privacy

Resmo is all about keeping work stuff safe. It doesn't peek into what you do outside of work. It doesn't track where you go online or see any personal info or any passwords.

Setting Up Resmo

Your IT team will help set up Resmo for you. They might install it for you or send you a link to do it yourself. Just follow the easy steps they give you to make your online work life more secure.

What Resmo Helps You Do

  • Use company approved apps and extensions.

  • Choose strong passwords for work apps.

  • Spot any shared passwords in these apps.

  • Turn on extra security, like multi-factor authentication, for your work apps.

What Resmo Won't Do

  • It won't report your browser activity or usage.

  • It won't see anything from your personal email.

  • It won't view or send out any of your personal details or passwords.

  • It won’t ask your personal information.

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