Pack Exports

Generate detailed exports for packs to download them as PDFs.

Packs can be exported, containing;

  • Rule details such as description

  • Results: rule results and matched resources for the current snapshot

  • Suppressions: suppressed resources for the current snapshot

Exports can be downloaded as PDFs.

How do pack exports work?

  • Only one export can be generated for a pack and resource group simultaneously. I.e., you can generate exports for the MFA pack, both for production and staging resources at the same time.

  • If there’s an export in progress within the production resource group, you must wait for the prior one to complete before generating another.

  • To add suppressions into an export, you must include Rules in your export request.

  • The standard pricing plan covers 5 exports per day for each pack and resource group; the professional and partner plans cover 10.

  • Resmo sends an email containing the export link to the user who started the export.

  • All exports for a pack or resource group are listed in the Export tab on your Pack Detail page.

  • Export results are opened in the browser and can be downloaded as PDFs.

How to generate a pack export

  1. Log in to your Resmo account and navigate to the Packs page.

  2. Open the detail page of a pack you wish to export.

  3. Go to the Export tab and click the Generate Export button.

4. Select what to include in your export and submit.

5. Once the export is generated, it will be listed on the Export tab. Click to open it in the browser.

6. To download it as a PDF, hit the Download PDF button from the top right.


If you have further questions or issues with pack exports, reach out to our team via live chat or email us at

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