Suppress specific resources inside rules
Suppression helps you mark particular resources inside a rule to signal Resmo to ignore them. For example, if you have an S3 bucket or another resource you left intentionally public, you might suppress it inside a rule. This way, you will only see the resources that are not intentionally against your Resmo rule and needs closer investigation.
Note: If you add a reason to your suppression or suppression removal, your suppression will be visible in the rule activity by others.

How to add a suppression

  1. 1.
    Log in to your Resmo account.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to the Rules page and select the rule you wish to suppress a resource from.
3. On the Activity tab, click on the Rule Status and a modal window will open.
4. To suppress a resource in that list, just hit the bell icon on its left side.
5. Another modal will ask you the reason for your suppression.
6. Click the Add Suppression button and it's all done!

How to remove a suppression

  1. 1.
    Open the Rule details where the suppression exists.
2. Click the Suppression tab on the Rule Detail page.
3. Now, click the remove icon (-) next to the suppression you wish to delete.
4. Type in the reason for your suppression removal and click Remove Suppression.


If you have any questions about suppression, contact us via live chat on our website or email us at [email protected].