Billing Policy

14-Day Trial

Resmo provides a 14-day free trial period when you can test all features to discover its full potential. You can start onboarding your team and integrate Resmo with your SaaS tools and cloud services during that period. We'll be around if you need assistance.

No credit card is required when signing up for the free trial.

When your trial ends, your account will automatically switch to the free plan. No credit card is required.


Resmo offers three different plans (Free, Professional, and Enterprise) each based on a number of features, resources, users, and capabilities that are carefully designed to suit teams of various sizes. You will be charged for the plan of your choice and leverage the features and capabilities available with it.

Compare the plans in detail:

Accepted payment methods are Visa, American Express and Mastercard credit & debit cards. All payments are securely processed by Stripe. Your account will be charged in US Dollars. Custom contract and wire option are available for the enterprise plan.

Credit card charges

Your billing period starts the day you upgrade your account to a paid subscription plan.

  • For monthly plan subscriptions, you will be charged the monthly price to come on that day.

  • Annual subscriptions require you to pay once a year for the plan you will use. Resmo offers discounts on annual payments.

See available price plans.

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