Resource Changes

Overview of Resmo resource changes.
Each resource has changes over time. They are created, updated or deleted. Customers can query these changes. They can use them in saved queries and rules.
ie. github_repository resources has changes available at github_repository_changes key while jira_user resources has changes available at jira_user_changes.
Changes are powerful because they provide context on a resource's life cycle. Some use-cases:
  • See who caused the change (available for some resources)

Resource Change Types

There are three types of changes
  • added
  • modified
  • removed

Resource Change Fields

Each resource has changes and users can query them by adding "changes" at the end of the resource's name. For example, for github_repository resource, the changes are kept at github_repository_changes.
Resource changes have the following field structure:
_meta: {
id: String,
groupKey: String,
integration: {
"id": String,
"name": String,
"tags": String Array | null,
type: String -> "github_repo",
recordId: date,
recordedAt: date,
resourceId: "", -> internally generated id for changes of a resource
recordedAt: date,
type: String -> "added | modified | removed",
actor: Object | null,
eventType: Sting | null, -> event type like "repository/privatized"
fields: Array | null,
after: {
-> resource's content before after it changes
before: {
-> resource's content before it changes, null if this is resource's first change

Resource Change View

You can also visually see changes under /resources directory for each resource.