Chrome Browser Extension

Once your Resmo admin triggers an email from the SaaS Directory UI, you will receive an email from Resmo. After clicking on the link provided in the email, the extension installation process will begin. Recipients proceed to the related page and install the extension for their browsers.
Resmo then starts using the browser extension to capture employee SaaS logins and shows the collected data on the Apps Dashboard and Employees Dashboard.

Installing the browser extension

Go to the SaaS Discovery configuration screen and see the Browser Extensions section. There are three options to choose from:
  • Copy your installation link: You can use this link to copy your unique installation link and test it before sending it out to everyone.
  • Send installation link to everyone: Clicking this button triggers an email that will send the installation link to everyone in your directory integration. By clicking the provided link in the email, recipients can proceed with the installation process.
You can add more than one browser or browser profile using your token. Once you have installed the extension, the setup process is complete.
This feature enables you to easily install the Resmo browser extension and begin monitoring your organization's SaaS activity. By adding multiple browsers or profiles, you can customize the monitoring to meet your organization's needs.
Resmo SaaS Discovery supports Chrome and Edge browsers.